​​​​Prontowash-Austin Eco Autospa

Services and Pricing:

  • ​​Prontowash Interior Only                                 $29.00

Interior vacuum, windows cleaned, door jams and wipe down of dashboard and  center console  with disinfecting wipes and Air Sanitizer spray

  • Prontowash Exterior                                              $29.00

Exterior hand wash, exterior windows cleaned & tire rims and tire and fender dressing and Air Sanitizer spray

  • Prontowash Interior & Exterior                          $49.00

Prontowash Exterior service plus interior  vacuum, windows, door jams and  wipe down of dashboard and center console  with disinfecting wipes and Air Sanitizer spray

  • Prontowash Deluxe                                                $66.00

Prontowash Interior and Exterior plus Maintenance (Spray) wax to exterior 

  • Prontowash Ultimate Exterior                            $110.00

Prontowash Interior and Exterior plus Hand-buffed Carnauba cream wax 

  • Prontowash Ultimate Interior                             $132.00

Prontowash Interior and Exterior plus Full carpet and rug Shampoo and leather and vinyl treatment 

  • Prontowash AutoSpa Express                              $170.00

Prontowash Ultimate  Exterior and Ultimate Interior 

  • Prontowash AutoSpa Supreme                           $258.00

Prontowash Ultimate  Exterior and Ultimate Interior plus Clay Bar treatment

For SUVs, Vans and Trucks add $10.00 to each service

Other Services Available:

  • Hand Carnuba Wax (Black Wax available)      $60.00 car  $70.00 Truck or SUV

For black vehicles we offer a Black cream wax to help bring out the natural shine.

  • Spray Wax                                                                $15.00  car  $20.00 Truck or SUV

  • Headlight Restoration                                          $90.00 (Ask about Manager's Special)

  • Full Interior Treatment                                        $35.00 car  $45.00 Truck or SUV

Leather and vinyl  cleaning and conditioning treatment

  • Full Interior Shampoo                                          $70.00  car $80.00 Truck or SUV

Shampoo interior rugs, carpets and seats  to remove stains and spills to restore the luster of the interior

  • Polishing                                                                  Ask for estimate

Orbital buffing to remove superficial marks and swirls on exterior of vehicle

  • Bug Removal                                                           $10.00

  • Air Conditioning Treatment                               $25.00

Cleans air conditioning ducts to sanitize and reduce vehicle odor  

  • Clay Bar Treatment                                              $120.00 car   $140.00 Truck or SUV